About me & the search for the north star

running through the finish

Looking for the finish…and the north star


My name is Allie.

Recently, after an unexpected and crushing betrayal, I returned to Manhappiness, Kansas, to start afresh. Anew.

What choice do we have when the gravity of life escapes and we are left floating in the cold dark of space?

We either roll up and give in to the loss.

Or we get up and fight to find a new normal.

I’d love to hear from you. The best conversations are engaging.

Monologues are for politicians and soliloquies are for poets.

I am no politician and no poet.

But I am a starchy friend – perhaps even a neighbor – who invites you into the conversation of seeking and searching; living and longing; adventure and derring do.

Let’s go find that North Star.

If you are interested in reading a bit more, feel free to check out the blog I wrote for Adventures in Missions and Wrecked. You will meet some of the most authentic people…people who change the world by being present. I love them so.


About allielousch

Engaged in everyday adventures and derring do.
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4 Responses to About me & the search for the north star

  1. Johanna says:

    It’s about time. I have been waiting.

  2. Belinda says:

    Love it Allie. Some day we will have a drink and catch up.

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