Happy Ring

Happy Ring

As the snows melt in Manhattan after a long arctic freeze and friends in North Georgia begin their next week-o-freeze, it seems that we could all use a wee bit of “Happy.”

Clouded skies -both real and metaphorical – and bitter weather can frost even the best attitude.

It would be great if we could pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and keep a stiff upper lip and all that, but sometimes we can’t.

These times are made for music and goofy dancing (because God knows that the peanut butter and chocolate chips aren’t helping.)

So I offer you Happy. Watch and listen.

And if you feel yourself dancing, even better.

Who wouldn’t benefit from a bit of goofy joy?

And thanks so much to Rainey for dropping this joy explosion into my Facebook feed.

Happy, by Pharrell Williams (who is even more famous now that he and his hat attended the Grammys).


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4 Responses to Happy

  1. bigsky045 says:

    Thanks, Allie. I needed a dose of happy about now.

    • allielousch says:

      Every Day needs a bit of happy! I think I’m going to create a playlist of get-up-and-go-songs and my alarm is already Allison Krause’s “Sunny Side”. Cheers!

  2. Susan says:

    Thanks, Allie! I also discovered 24hoursofhappy.com 🙂

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