A question for you

hardened by connie rock

Can you help me with something?

It’s a question needing answered.

A small question, that’s a big deal.

Why do you believe?

I ask this with the heart of a fellow sojourner who mourns the loss of a life of faith that was hard fought and hard won only to finally yield to the torrent of unyielding evil.

An excerpt from a note sent to a dear friend, whose heart is tested and true:

Last week, I read an article from the New York Times about the Value of Suffering. In it, David Brooks referenced a Paul Tillich quote, people who endure suffering are taken beneath the routines of life and find they are not who they believed themselves to be.”

Couple this with what my friend and pastor said about the God in whom I earnestly believed has been shattered…and 20+ years of seeking the unseen.

And though I am not intent on NOT-believing, I am equally not intent on believing (what a horrible sentence.)

So here it is-the question:
Why do you still believe?

And I wonder why Seth and Crock and Detreich Bonhoffer, and Lisa, and Karis still believe. 

I am not attempting to poke you or your faith with a stick.

You are steadfast and brilliant and never feign perfection.

If you have others who might answer this question authentically and without judging, please feel free to forward this to them.

The cloud of witnesses must speak; in search of stories of hard fought faith of CS Lewis and other Ragamuffins…

Folks, will you help a girl out?  Why do you believe?

Please: Do not tell me why I should believe or throw other people or ideologies under the bus. Intelligent people can talk about heady things and still remain kind.
And frankly, it’s the sanctimonious dumbassery of the high-minded that turn so many people away from what is – in all hopes – a beautiful truth.

Thank you to the two friends who have already begun this conversation with me.

And – if you’d like to reply, but not have it published, please add (DO NOT PUBLISH) to your thoughtful response.

 Thank you so much for joining the conversation.


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11 Responses to A question for you

  1. Seth Barnes says:

    I continue to believe because he continues to rescue me. I never stopped getting into scrapes, but he allows me to stretch far enough to grow but not so far that I lose faith. That’s why I place such an emphasis on having a community of people who encourage one another thru the lean times.

    I also find that the greater the challenges, the greater the signs from God that he hasn’t gone on vacation, but is still hanging around. Healings and miracles keep me in the game and point to his goodness.

    Find a way to stay encouraged in the lean times and eventually God will show up and show you his glory. “Where else can we go?” Says Peter. But he has been on the Mount of Transfiguration. He has seen the lame walk. And he, floundering and stumbling along, has seen the glory of God. So will we all.

  2. Tracy Mahoney says:

    I believe because I have thrown out everything I doubted — much of that was religious teaching. So at first I thought I only had a mustard seed of absolute faith left, which is enough, I am told. After some time, I realized how big that mustard seed really was. It is All. Everything. The seed. The Plant. The Earth. The Galaxy. The Universe. And then some. =)

  3. Betty says:

    Allie – I’ve been thinking about this ever since you asked the question. (And I love that you ask deep and important questions.) My answer is too long to post here – but I turned it into a blog post of my own: http://bettymeans.myadventures.org/?filename=why-do-you-believe

  4. Kimmery Newsom says:

    Why do I believe? I believe because He is the way that I attempt to view the world and all the people in it. Jesus has transformed my heart from being cold and callous and cut-throat and unforgiving and bitter to just a fraction of those things. Notice, I didnt say he has taken them away completely: they remain as a reminder of my utter dependence on Him. He is my daily bread. When I fail to pick up my shield of faith to combat and deflect the darts of the enemy, I feel the physical reality of my life without Him.
    I believe because I know too much about Him. I currently and consistently experience and have experienced the love, unconditional grace, mercy and compassion He gives. The comfort He gives. I am thankful that I am HIS and He is MINE! Thanks be to God for this indescribable gift!
    Love to you Allie!

  5. Crock says:

    Your choice – publish, don’t publish. 🙂 I’ve seen so much evil – that there must be a redeemer, a Savor. I came to this conclusion about 5 years ago…after levitating from my bed late one night. It was a evil spirit but when I called on God, His Son and the Holy Spirit – my body slowly lowered and was at peace. I continue to question…but choose to believe. “I believe in the sun even when its not shining, I believe in love even when I don’t feel it, and I believe in God even when He is silent” I love you Allie…and to me, you are another reason for me to believe.

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