This thing of Living




I am nostalgic these days.

As M approaches her 23 birthday and K his senior year in college, my heart grabs my thoughts and takes them on a bittersweet ride.

Last night, I made chicken Parmesan for the first time in my life and enjoyed it with a family that I eat dinner with each Monday.

This morning, I ran with Katie – a new route – and we saw a deer in the middle of the downtown area, bunnies out the wazoo, and a peach-colored sky.

These are good things…such good people. I’d hate to miss any of them.

Like many of us, I am still looking for the thing that makes me come alive. Foolishly.

Because I know the answer already.

No matter how many times I ask the question or under what circumstances or scrutiny, the answer is the same – Family and Friends-that-are-family are what brings life to me.

I get excited about people around the table, the kids coming home, and the best sort of foolishness that goes with their good company.

I dream of sitting around a fire ring and cooking food bits in the flames.

Thoughts of family and friends-that-are-family wake me up each morning with a joy and expectation that has no rival. I love these people and there is always room at the table.

So  even though I am looking for my career’s North Star, I am only finding this Hope. Joy. and Family.

Which brings me to this thought: of all the blood sweat and tears we expend to plan and manage (and control) outcomes in our lives, so much of this thing of living is adaptation – a series of jukes and leaps over what hurdles into view.

And the realization that life is




too long

too short…


So perhaps this thing of living is less about “what will be”
and more about being open and agile to what is ahead.

Join me. We can call out encouragement to one another as the story unfolds.

Still searching for the North Star.


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