Lists of Summer


When M & K were small, we created annual lists of things to do during the long sweltering prairie summers. We’d curl up on the couch or in the dark cool hallway and imagine all of the adventures we could do under the summer sun. We giggled at our silliness and soon appreciated how incredibly useful the lists were when boredom sniffed around the door.

Often friends contributed to our list or asked for copies for their kids. I still have a 2001 copy mushed in the pages of a homemade cookbook I cobbled together. Which is why – while baking a batch of cinnamon rolls for my son last weekend – I thought of updating a list for my summer adventures. I’d seen that long ago list.

2014 Summer Adventures

  • yoga
  • run/walk/bike/swim, kids, KT & Dave & Mayeslets
  • splash park
  • read at parks
  • Bluestem for hummus with pals
  • hike
  • Pillsbury Crossing (the snakes…)
  • Albums for kids
  • Restart Madi’s book
  • have people over
  • 4th of July demands fireworks!
  • Take a class
  • Ask Meka about Library’s Adult Summer Reading
  • become debt-free
  • Riley County Historical Museum
  • River Fest in Salina
  • Rock Springs ?
  • Solomon Street Dance (do they still do this?)
  • Nicodemus
  • Alcove Spring – Blue Rapids
  • Atchison & Amelia Earhart
  • Hillsboro spillway
  • Humans of New York
  • Botannica with Tracy
  • Tallgrass Prairie
  • Decide one place to volunteer
  • Make homemade ice cream in a ziploc again
  • Konza (of course!)
  • Carnahan creek
  • Randolph State Park
  • Explore 1,2,3 Northeast Kansas towns
  • Lewis & Clark Trail
  • Visit MO
  • Visit CO
  • KONZA!
  • Work in garden
  • Walk downtown for pretzels!
  • Zoo
  • Save/cut expenses!
  • Run at KT & Dave’s old place
  • Lawrence – Music & Zen Zero
  • 1 new Kansas lake
  • “camp” (minus snakes and chiggers)
  • go to JC for something
  • Book Club
  • explore the shorelines
  • Milford Lake
  • Water Ski (how’s that going to happen?)
  • K-State challenge course
  • kayak with m/3 🙂
  • Little Grill
  • coffee with pals
  • New York Times 2 x month at least
  • Nelson Atkins Art Museum, KCMO
  • Rhonda & Ethiopian restaurant?
  • April + Parkville + Queens
  • Go to Auntie Mae’s for good music…Rachel!
  • Wailin’ Jennys, June 6 at Arts in the Park
  • Trish & Gil – walk with Trish & Humphry
  • Kids. See them when you can. Those kids.

So far…so good.

If you have any ideas to add to the 2014 Summer Adventures list, I’d love it if you send them along!

I may not get to Ouray, Colorado, or to the quirky festivals in Missouri, but the goal is to roam a bit as I search for the North Star.

For your listening edification: the B-52s and “Roam”, 


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One Response to Lists of Summer

  1. Lori says:

    A reason to go to JC: visit Dorothy Olson aka my and April’s mum!!!

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