This next adventure

Varsity Donuts at Night

Varsity Donuts, Aggieville, Manhattan, Kansas


Friday began as most others do with coffee, a speedy trip over the Flint Hills to work, hellos, and taking on the tasks at hand. Meka and I ate lunch together as we tend to do. A two o’clock meeting rolled in and I learned that due to a company-wide restructuring, my position was being let go.

Oh. Wow.

Much like a runner strips down to the leanest of gear before a race, the truly good folks that I worked for are getting lean as they prepare for a long marathon of good work. 

I appreciate the people and opportunities met in the past nine months.
Nine months…enough time to birth a new person or a new normal.

What does this mean?
I must find a job in which to serve and earn my coffee.

  • Today, I sent off my first resumé and cover letter after KT’s review
  • I am making a few important appointments while I have medical coverage
  • Talked to my pal, Dave, and he will take an updated head shot for LinkedIn
  • Another pal talked me through some of the preliminaries of unemployment
  • Met with several friends who laughed with me and offered up plenty of Good JuJu
  • Purchased a local paper and updated the antivirus on my machine so that I can search for gainful employment more safely
  • Replaced my messenger bag while buzzing by RockStar & Rogers/Home Fusion so that I can pedal to wifi spots around town in my quest for gainful employment
  • I will re-work my budget and finish the medical reimbursements with my current provider this week; will delay signing up for new yoga studio until it becomes feasible
  • I cried a bit for about 30 seconds while driving home Friday and another minute when I realized that I will not be able to help supplement my son’s last year of college expenses
  • I bought a Sea Salt and Almond in Dark Chocolate feast that I nibble on each day
  • Meal planning also comes tomorrow
  • Blessings and “thankfuls” are being counted
  • A few miles have been run in good company
  • Breathing Deep

Why am I telling all of Cyberworld what I’m doing following the lay-off? Because statistically the unthinkable will happen to many more of us and – as always – it is incumbent upon community to share information and encouragement. We must help one another find a way.

Any ideas as I not only Search for a North Star, but gainful employment/service? I’m listening. Your prayers are also appreciated – not just for me, but for the too many of us who are afraid, weary, and searching for what we and our families need.

I’ve been so fortunate in so many ways.
Not so fortunate in others.

I tell myself that all the best stories have a quirky twist and that I am on another adventure.

So here we go!

Searching for the North Star and a way to serve and buy the coffee


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6 Responses to This next adventure

  1. Jutta Zelko says:

    Wishing you the best of luck! Allie. Stay strong, I hope you will find something very soon. I am so amazed how you organized yourself so quickly and if I can help in any way please let me know.

  2. sara choe says:

    oh wow. definitely praying and hoping with you.

  3. Okay Sister of mine. We are here for you, to laugh, drive, talk, cry, explore, listen, hug and to Love. We are imperfect, at times un-knowledgeable in many areas. We can pray and we do and will continue to do so. GOD sure knows how to keep us on our toes, looking in all directions, scratching our heads in wonder….all the while thinking “Thank You GOD for Loving me….I trust you”!!! AL, you inspire so many people of all walks of life, you have inspired me since day one. 47 years of your awesomeness. I am BLESSED. Love you my sister, my friend.

  4. Lisa Finney says:

    Allie, I love your perspective on this! Know that the Finneys are praying for you and thinking of you. I miss your beautiful, smiling face and your heart for people!

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