31 Days of Creating or “Creative Self-Rescue”

31 Days of Creating


This morning I felt inspired.

Not the get-off-your-tuckus or chocolate & peanut butter inspiration, but a moment that introduced wonder, excitement, and joy into this “searching for a meaningful job.” After cleaning the bathroom, sweeping the outdoor landing, and other thrilling tasks, I realized how many creative projects I’ve let languish amid bats, routines, and time wasted playing Scrabble on my phone.

None of those things filled my spirit. And a quick glance at the news makes it clear that my spirit ( perhaps our spirits) need filling.

In flew the idea for “31 Days of Creating: Creative Self-Rescue by Allie Lousch.”

As I finished hanging up laundry and reached for a pile of paper to sort, a mini water color set that had been hiding beneath the paper bounced to the floor. Then I remembered the origami crane I’d made with my Shiner Bock label when talking to my friend at Auntie Mae’s. And there was the bag of cloth that I tripped over daily – cloth that I had promised to turn into pennants for Madi’s Christmas gift…in 2013.

You know what? I paid attention.

Looking for gainful and meaningful employment is not fun. We – I – need little rewards along the way. I’m not interested in gaining any more bad habits nor any extra yardage under my belt and my funds need to be frugally expended so why not create?

Why not use what I already have tucked neatly in closets, amassed in the study, or purposefully placed in my trippable way to encourage myself and perhaps make good on a few creative promises?

Below is my first scribbled list of what I’d like to create in the next 31 days:

  • create space
    • for peace
    • and “moments”
    • include good company
  • create writing
  • create water color somethings
  • create pennants
  • create physical strength and endurance
  • create new rhythms
  • create songs (better stick to humming)
  • create healthy meals
  • create schedule for optimal productivity (decrease stress; do not add to it)
  • create jewelry
  • create opportunities for others, too
  • create those knitted doo dahs and at least one pair of mittens for the mitten-tree
  • create a mess and then a clean space
  • create a revised homegrown cookbook
  • create simpler systems (be willing to go with the process)
  • create a little more visual simplicity
  • create the kids’ albums (just begin the process)
  • create tie dye to run in
  • create mindfulness and mindful practices
  • create qualified space on bookshelves (read and send along a few books)
  • create a weekly yoga practice
  • create time/space to walk/bike around town when possible
  • create connection to inspiration – Beach Museum, K-State, Botannica, the lake, PALS
  • continue to create strength in running (room in my clothes, too!)
  • create space just in case hope and faith finds you at home

I’m not much for following fads, but perhaps I can create one; join me on the 31 Days of Creating if you’re feeling a need towards reCreate-ing.

Caveat: The goal is NOT perfection. My goal is rooted in creating and contributing to a life worth living – no matter how short or long (really – all of our lives are pretty short.) For the record, this is hard work and not an effort to feel all fluffy and warm-fuzzies.

I’m not crafty nor artistic. I’m more resourceful and solution-oriented, but I’ve got synapses to recreate, neurons to rife up, and a real hope to be lucid and jumping out of airplanes when I’m 85 and just getting started in life.

Swing along for the ride; make your own list. Your company is lovely and so appreciated.

Still not buying it? Check out this “Art Makes You Smart” article from the New York Times, 2013.

(If you decide to join in this 31 Days of Creating whether in 2014 or 2020 or 2075, would you share your story, insights, or personally-valued successes? Or the pitfalls?)


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