Remembrance and Responsibility

photo of The Nest's window dressing, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Considering the current state of the world, we should probably use today to look forward, not backwards. True remembrance is activism, and boy, are we off track.”
– K Gilstrap

This morning, I read the status above and thought, “What am I doing to help the big “US” move forward?”

At this point, I am passing along the above for your consideration. 

What do you think?
Do you (we) encourage strength and action?
Are you (we) prone to polarize rather than prioritize peace and people?

Can we discuss tough issues civilly?

Are we respectful towards one another even as we disagree?
Are we willing to listen? Be “right” graciously and open to learning something new?
Are we more infatuated with our position, posture, and popularity than with people?

Are we living a life of credibility – one worth living –  or are we “armchair quarterbacks” yelling at those bums on the screen who don’t know sh&t or who spend all of our taxes on this or that while we fail to vote, volunteer, and become involved?

Are we too afraid to open ourselves up to new information and stand on that shaky ground of “learner”, “listener”, and of admitting we are not 100% sure about what we speak?

Are we asking other people to be more accountable for our actions, words, community, country, kids, and environment than we – ourselves – are willing to be?

Do we insist on playing the “short game” of our desires and wants and successes while ignoring the impacts of our choices on the “tour/long game” of living and leaving EVERYTHING behind for those who come up next?

FULL DISCLOSURE: My son is a soldier. My father was a soldier. Each of my siblings joined the military either by their active duty service or active family status.

I cry when the band plays “Stars and Stripes.”
A lone bugler can reduce me to tears.
The Veterans’ cemetery that overlooks the wide Flint Hills is a favorite place to sit and think.

Issues of family, environment, hope, and community keep me waking to find a means to serve (and pay the bills.)

I am a single mom of two adult denizens of compassion and creative greatness.

It has not been an easy life.

But it has taught me a willingness to keep learning, listening, and – perhaps – loving folks with whom I’d enjoy a meal and/or with whom I’d disagree emphatically.

9/11 was terrible. As a country, we were violated and broken. 
Kindness seeped out of our deepest wounds.

We must remember:
People are living in this sort of obvious terror every damn day of their lives.
People live in the more pernicious hidden terrors every damn day of their lives.

I am thankful for the many people who take the time to hear me and speak truth; who connect, drive up with the dog, help me with my computer, introduce me to their grandma, let me cry over what I cannot understand and laugh/snort about most things; run with me in the cold racoony dark mornings, and help me navigate this short life.

You, Folks, make me want to be better…more involved, kinder, and compassionate-in-action.

In this day of remembrance, I am looking forward and tying up my running shoes readying for the next step.

Still searching for the North Star.


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