Blood moon and everynight stars



Did you see the big rust moon last week?
It was gorgeous and 5% larger to the viewer as the moon and earth drew closer for a few hours. I chased the 100-year view with Starbucks in hand and ended on my own front porch watching the blood moon and autumn stars.

Very quieting. Humbling. Exciting.

And then I thought about how the excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence pales in comparison to the steady shining of the everynight stars.

Those constellations that we take for granted are still brilliant and powerful and they lead us home.

I like adventure. A flier for the K-State challenge course is tucked into my planner.

Skiing off of outcrops, bushwacking through tree bits, barreling into the morning rise on southward road trips – all real joys and adventures that bring life to my weary little heart. But what I’ve found will draw me home and keep my close – garner all of my attention – are the steady people and places in my short life: the kids, Mayes-es, M3, Gil & Trish, Queens, the Flint Hills, a good book, good company, morning walks, yoga, Betty and her moppish pup.

These are the constellations that bring me home: steady, true, shiny.

I like to dress up and pull on my high heels and black dress, to meander through museums, sit on the edge of my seat during plays, operas, and the sweet sounds of the Wailin’ Jennys during Arts in the Park. I am sold on the idea of hiking the Appalachian and Pacific Coast Trails; leaping from a perfectly good airplane, bungi-jumping over the Zambezi river after paddling down its waters, and going to the remotest places to listen to the stories of people I do not know.

But the sweetness of the steady, sure, strong, and goofy people in my life are my favorite adventures. Who needs a rollicking rock star when I have a prince among men for a son, brother-in-law and best pal? Who has time for frenemies and sunburns in St. Barts (okay…I could go for St. Barts) when Madi, Katie, Mimi, and the women in my life walk in all weather-even once enduring sleet so bad that my jeans froze to my skin (Trish!)?

The challenge: To enjoy the momentary beauty of the blood moon and celebrate the grace of the everynight stars.

Still Searching for the North Star.

For your edification, a few tunes from the thoughtful harmonies of the Wailin Jennys (Thank you, Beth, for drawing me to that concert – such sound.)

Bright Morning Stars,

Swing Low, Sail High, (this one…)



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