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We need a little Christmas

What a year. What a season. You too? Feeling funky and a wee bit bewildered? In a month steadfastly associated with joy, merriment, peace, and goodwill, the world we share feels tight…tense. We are largely absent of the sweet spirit of … Continue reading

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Snowscape (a love letter)

Last night – after Christmas carols and merry faces receded into sleep – snow fell. And fell. And fell. I love it. Snow makes me so ridiculously happy that sometimes I wonder if it contains something akin to crack for … Continue reading

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Meadow Season

Written early Sunday morning at Starbucks “Grief has its own agenda.” I read this last year. Cursed and then typed it into my smartphone’s ColorNotes app. It has rung instructively true this year in this long walk through escape and … Continue reading

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  Some days, anonymity is sweet. Parents get this; healthy parents. With kids on stage, on field, out front, pressing forward, these parents allow all of the applause to rest on the kid and do not reach for one ray of spotlight. … Continue reading

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What are you willing to work for?

Lately, I’ve been searching and stretching to answer “what do you want?” It’s not an easy question to answer these days. Yes, I’d like to take the kids to Ulm along the Donau river so they can see where their … Continue reading

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