What are you willing to work for?

IMG_20130704_115018Lately, I’ve been searching and stretching to answer “what do you want?”

It’s not an easy question to answer these days.

Yes, I’d like to take the kids to Ulm along the Donau river so they can see where their mum finally came to life as a kid.

Sunday dinners with the kids and pals? Check.

Skiing all winter and climbing all summer? Absolutely.

Run a few half marathons a year? Mostly.

To drop a few pounds? Um. Yep.

Greater financial grounding? Hmmm.

A few days ago, I kept my eyes closed as sleep gave way to waking and considered answers to “what do you want?”

The most striking thought was “what are you willing to work for?”

A better way to ask is probably, “What are you willing to work towards?”

We all want this or that, time, and perhaps a lifelong hand to hold, but what are we willing to do – to risk – in time, effort, and heartbeats to stretch towards those goals?

I identified four things that will remain on my “want/willing to work for” list:

  1. an open welcoming heart/home/table
  2. creating (like knitting mittens for the mitten trees)
  3. Explore: learn and read as much as I can
  4. Explore: go and learn as much as I can

I’m learning to cook without fear. You may scoff or giggle, but you have no idea what terror has squashed my hopes to cook for others – including my own kids.

A very home-made pair of mittens were begun last week. I’m going to need Katie’s help to finish. Or a glass of Honey Badger red. Or both.

I’ve called a moratorium on book-buying. With stacks of unread books serving as end tables and more, I have plenty of exploring to do. I also checked out all of the grad degrees offered at K-State and whittled the list to 10 maybes with two options that are very exciting to me and not prohibitive in time or matriculation.

Go. It seems that I will have a few days off between Christmas and New Years Day – whether I’d like them or not. Curiously, my friend needs to drive to San Francisco to deposit one giant dog and some belongings to her daughter who lives in the Windy City. This has possibilities.

Anyhoo, I offer this up for the good of the order (as all reality checks can be good):

What do you want to do? What are you willing to work toward?

Still searching.


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