Some days, anonymity is sweet.

Parents get this; healthy parents. With kids on stage, on field, out front, pressing forward, these parents allow all of the applause to rest on the kid and do not reach for one ray of spotlight.

A mentee excels – exceeds expectations – and the mentor relaxes and enjoys the  strength and leadership expressed by another.

We allow our colleagues and friends to succeed and wish only to celebrate – not to compete.


Today, I witnessed the work of four interns, one GTA, a work/study colleague, two professors, and countless moms and dads; friends, and former teachers pay-off in an intern showcase hosted where I now work.

These folks collaborated, urged one another further on and further up, teased each other, and crafted something solid, informative, and engaging.

It was fun to applaud from the sidelines.

To watch them reach further than they knew they could reach.

See professors, parents, and pals filled with pride and joy in watching someone they care about flourish.

Like a fly on the wall, I ate it all up (and the baklava).

Sometimes, it is fun to be an anonymous person.
That lady at the desk with the chocolates.
Smiling and waving hello before they even know if they are in the right building.

Though not my life’s work; I like it.
For now.
My little heart is full.

Still searching.


About allielousch

Engaged in everyday adventures and derring do.
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