A few goals for Winter 2015

May You Live a Life You Love


Last summer, I made a list of what adventures and tasks I wanted to accomplish while the weather was warm. Believe it or not, by Fall’s end, the list was mostly checked “done.”

It felt good to see the progress from “wouldn’t that be nice to do” wishful thinking to “NEXT!”

With that success (surprise!), I made a new list for Winter 2015. As a means of accountability, I offer it to you below:

Winter 2014-2015

  1. Travel somewhere
  2. Create Travel Budget (SEA Fund: Savings Emergency Adventure Fund)
  3. Run & Bike
  4. Walk to work 2 or 3 times a week
  5. Swim
  6. Explore Cookbook
  7. Take a class/seminar
  8. Start Albums for kids
  9. Finish Albums for kids
  10. Trim down possessions
  11. Read and then donate book stacks
  12. Decide on my “look”/style & test drive it
    1. Keep photos
    2. Move towards look
    3. PENCIL SKIRTS & Scarves!
  13. Kayak in the cold
  14. Budget (woohoo.)
    1. Track expenses
    2. Trim where you can
    3. SEA FUND
  15. Meet with Pals – more –invite them over!
  16. Wash dishes more often
  17. Write more letters
  18. Mitten Tree mittens
  19. Read
  20. Go to Lawrence & Zen Zero
  21. KC & a museum or adventure
  22. Take New Routes
  23. Fall in love with writing again
  24. Wichita Botanica-Tracy
  26. Share time
  28. Make it to/participate in the Faith e-free community
  29. Tackle Shakespeare
  30. Do Something New
  31. Visit that HellCat (reincarnated James Bond) at Dusty Bookshelf
  32. Listen.
  33. Perhaps listen to someone tell their story. Regularly.
  34. Aldi’s at least once a month…see it as a walk back through Germany…

Still searching.


About allielousch

Engaged in everyday adventures and derring do.
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2 Responses to A few goals for Winter 2015

  1. Kristen Torres-Toro says:

    Love it! Also would love if the SEA fund would bring you to wherever I am one day soon… 🙂

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