So quiet it was loud: Signs of life

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It was so quiet at the cabins we’d rented
so quiet
that after sitting still for twenty minutes
the croaking of the bullfrog’s sunrise song
the swish of the snakes in the lake
wind through trees
and warming waking insect chorus
seemed loud.

While family slept
resting after a college graduation
officer commissioning
and the easy pace of being
playing in the rain soaked Kansas parkland
empty except for us
with sun warming what the fire didn’t singe (yum!)
I wandered a bit.

Firstly, I followed trails the water snakes made
until one popped its head up and began to bob my way.
Fortunately, it was tiny and I quickly moved to another stretch of chalky shore.

Then, two crimson cardinals fought for the attention of a nearby she-cardinal
while a parade of orioles flew in and among the trees along the shore.
Orange flits among the green.

In the stillness I soon learned what water trails were made by turtles bobbing about
and snakes looking for turtle-breakfast.

Trout jumped.
A grey heron made lazy
swoops over the water.
I could hear the woosh of its flight when it came near.

Without my camera
all I had to do was be present.

Lots of insects chattering about the morning news.

20150508_064936Fresh coyote scat near the other cabin.

Soon, my brother-in-law opened a door and stretched on the porch.

My coffee was delicious.
The weekend company was nutritious.

The quiet – exquisite.
A morning concert
complete with a bullfrog’s timpani.

I had forgotten how loud quiet could be
and how restorative.20150508_065014

*  *  *  *  *

I hope this works: A view from the rainy day porch at the Mined Land cabins near Pittsburg, Kansas,


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