31 Days of Creating

31 Days of Creating

What can creative shenanigans do for us?

I’d like to find out. And since I have a not-so-unique opportunity from which to measure the benefits of CREATE-ing in times of stress (and being laid-off due to restructuring), I’ve begun 31 Days of Creating or “Creative Self-Rescue”.

Originally it was an idea that trotted in after a week of not being employed, three resume’s out, and one bathroom thoroughly scrubbed. And since “Art Makes You Smart”, it might make me smart and less encumbered in this next season.

Read more about the idea and thoughts toward execution here.

What was created:
Aug 11:  surprisingly tasty black beans, bacon, and barley meal
Aug 12: a few connections and a memory with the kids at Rockabelly
Aug 13: music with the cutest baby in the world, some rocks, sticks and pipe
Aug 14: a chance for my pals to do their thing while I taught their kids bad habits
Aug 15: a chance to make a new friend and an invite to see 100-Foot Journey
Aug 16: Farmers’ Market giggling and another movie opp
Aug 17: peace with my financials
Aug 18: pumpkin bread and a rather impressive mess
Aug 19: more applications/resumes and cover letters (oh boy!)
Aug 20: a display for a friend who helps many in transitions
Aug 21: a blog (Got a Minute?) and time for the best Southern Tea in town
Aug 22: in humility, I created time to receive: dinner & tix to The Reverend Horten Heat
Aug 23: a goofy memory of  tandem bicycle and K-State move-in day with M3
Aug 24: bubbles on my porch after a morning run
Aug 25: participated in a chance to meet K-Staters
Aug 26: I listened and accepted a loaner book, David and Goliath, by Malcolm Gladwell
Aug 27: helped unload supplies and loved the chance to get to know some folks better
Aug 28: a new friend was made today & took a selfie with the WEINERMOBILE!
Aug 29: watched fireworks, K-State Marching Band play, and Humans in a Hamster Ball
Aug 30: created another series of resumes and watched a K-State Football game at the Bill
Aug 31: joined in crafting a ridiculously good BBQ feast and big thunderstorm diversions

Sept 1: paddled down the Kaw between Manhattan & St. George with M3 (saw an eagle)
Sept 2: interviewed for a job, met a lovely person
Sept 3: finally made Madi’s Bunting, Thanks Christie Cady & Daisy Dog!
Sept 4: early Konza hike wiht Jane and Coffee with Kimmery to round out the day
Sept 5: another invigorating interview and this video, http://www.fastcocreate.com/3035295/someone-strapped-a-gopro-to-the-happiest-dog-ever-and-the-result-is-very-happy?utm_source=facebook
Sept 6: Farmers’ Market quietly and solo, finished a few books incl. David & Goliath
Sept 7: Run with Katie, paddle as Dave open-water-swims, Spayghetti, Beth & Maleficent
Sept 8: Lou to airport, created budget space for the best massage (Serenity Massage)
Sept 9: sang outside of what (we hoped) was a friend’s house at 6 am mid-run
Sept 10: gratefully sat with a trusted friend who’s heart & life makes “spirit” plausible
Sept 11: with the rest of the world, remembered; much later, Baskin & Robbins with pal

My 31 days of creating was a win. Not every hoped-for thing was crafted, but love, laughter, grace, and water sports were grafted in. Thanks for joining me on this.

Now, what about autumn adventures?


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