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Patchwork highway

Last night, Madi and I bounced along a cobbley mix of dirt and gravel; brick boulevards, pristine asphalt, and county roads who’s use-by dates were probably 20 years ago. Asphalt patches, concrete stop-gaps, and -in many places – a milled … Continue reading

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Snowscape (a love letter)

Last night – after Christmas carols and merry faces receded into sleep – snow fell. And fell. And fell. I love it. Snow makes me so ridiculously happy that sometimes I wonder if it contains something akin to crack for … Continue reading

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What lasts

Last night, I slept with the windows open…in late November. Oh Kansas, just when we think that it will be sub-zero temps through March, you sneak in a foggy 63 degree day and warm night. Thanks so much. And this … Continue reading

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We’ve got to make the time

  I am enjoying my new job. The people are wild and woolly; precise and reserved; most seem to be learning and stretching towards something new. I wonder if I am here now to help streamline work and files or … Continue reading

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This uncomfortable truth

I don’t know where to go with it. This loneliness. Sometimes crushing. Not a problem to be solved per se. Typically, I am busy and engaged with adventures woven among the lives of friends and family. Or I’m off kicking … Continue reading

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