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All the Feels: Signs of life

Spring is moving in to the Flint Hills. The prairies are thawing a bit. On my way to yoga yesterday, I noticed the yellow  forsythia bushes, purple red bud trees, and the white of what I think are crabapple trees. … Continue reading

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31 Days of Creating or “Creative Self-Rescue”

  This morning I felt inspired. Not the get-off-your-tuckus or chocolate & peanut butter inspiration, but a moment that introduced wonder, excitement, and joy into this “searching for a meaningful job.” After cleaning the bathroom, sweeping the outdoor landing, and other … Continue reading

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Liminal space or “the in-between”

  Lately, I’ve been frustrated – tearful at times – with the great in-between I’m in. It seems a chasm, a Grand Canyon between the returning to Kansas and the next unknown season of purpose. This in-between is “liminal space” or the … Continue reading

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