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Sunday morning on our hike up Bluemont Hill through brambles, bittersweet, and bushes, I told Katie something that I’d been hiding since returning to Manhappiness. I told her that somewhere between entering Texas and leaving it – and all of … Continue reading

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Under the flag

I’ve been troubled. And because the stories in my brain and questions and wonderings have not sorted themselves out, I’ve stayed quiet. We don’t need another ill-informed knee-jerk half-stepping commentator bellowing into the tumult. Do you have a moment? Will … Continue reading

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A few goals for Winter 2015

  Last summer, I made a list of what adventures and tasks I wanted to accomplish while the weather was warm. Believe it or not, by Fall’s end, the list was mostly checked “done.” It felt good to see the … Continue reading

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Traveling new routes

  As the fog over this new year rolls back and the landscape comes into view, I am quiet. What is it about one day that makes all of the last season come to an “end stop” and the next … Continue reading

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1 Resolution (and 1 Revolution)

It’s been a delightful, ponderous, thoughtful, carefree, and good-company-filled “University Holiday.” Today is the final day of a mandatory vacation. I was apprehensive and worried about the unpaid days, but that’s just a little bit of life to sort out. … Continue reading

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